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It is our honor and pleasure to announce and thank all the donors who assisted Minnesota COPE Program with raising $1,000.00 for Jackson State University (JSU), Department of English and Modern Languages. The following individuals contributed to Ms. Dorothy’s 50th Golden Diploma Celebration from JSU; they reside in Jackson, Mississippi and the surrounding areas. Also, donors from Little Rock, Arkansas, Riverdale, Georgia, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Greenville, South Carolina, Hollis Hills, New York,  Fredericksburg, Texas and Rowlett, Texas

A.  Rice Trucking, LLC, Owners – Mr. and Mrs. Awia (Dr. Amanda) Rice (Flora, MS)

Dynastics, INC. – Chairman/CEO Mr. Richard Shaw (Jackson, MS)

Lakeover Funeral Home, Co-founder, Mrs. Mary White Paige (Jackson, MS)

Martin’s Cleaners – Owners, Mr. and Mrs. Steven (Mary) Gordy (Byram, MS)

Miller’s Implementation Group Services. LLC, Owner, Mr. Calvin Miller (Terry, MS)

Mr. Dominic Adagbonyin, Branch Manager, Enterprise Holdings (Byram, MS)

Ms. Valerie Michelle Arnold and family (Greenville, SC)

Mr. and Mrs. Keith (Dr. Laura) Barnes (Madison, MS)

Minister Lee Martin Barnes (Riverdale, GA)

Mr. Lepoleon Barnes, Sr. (Ridgeland, MS)

Ms. Doris Bell and family (Brandon, MS)

Mrs. Henriette Cooper Middleton and family (Florence, MS)

Dr. Herd Graves, Retired – JSU Department of English-Modern Languages (Jackson, MS)

Dr. Ranard Hill and family (Madison, MS)

Mr. Alexander Kaeding (Appleton, WI)

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard (Diana Miller) Makens (Fredericksburg, TX)

Dr. Constance Nelson Martin and family (Jackson, MS)

Mr. Kevin Parker (Terry, MS)

Dr. Dara Richardson Heron (Hollis Hills, NY)

Ms. Maria Shalon Richardson (Rowlett, TX)

Mrs. Anna Lee Rouser Barnes (Madison, MS)

Mrs. Khalilah Walker-Young and family (Terry, MS) 

Ms. Anita Wallace (Little Rock, AR)

Dr. Perselfannie Whitfield McDaniels, Dean of Graduate Studies – JSU (Jackson, MS)

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald (Dr. Patricia Jones) Whyte (Wake Forest, NC)

Other donors who gave from the twin cities area (Minnesota)

21st Century Bank – Mr. Thomas Dolphin, Owner, and family (Blaine, MN)

Horizon Agency, Inc. – Owner, Mr. Richard Devine (Eden Prairie, MN)

Inver Grove Honda – General Manager, Mr. Bryan Okubo

Inver Grove Toyota – General Manager, Mr. Jeffrey Stearns

Trusted Builders, LLC – Owner, Mr. Joshua Lee Beckey (Rodgers, MN)

Ultimate Look – Owner, Mr. Dominique Wells (Saint Paul, MN)

Waldeland Jewelry & Gifts – Owner, Mr. Travis Waldeland (Eagan, MN)

Mr. Kevin Armstrong, Esq and family (Minneapolis, MN) 

Rev. and Mrs. Calvin (Ethel) Barnes, Jr. (Bloomington, MN)

Ms. Dorothy Jean Barnes-Griswold (Eagan, MN)

Mrs. Carolyn Best Pye and family (Woodbury, MN)

Mrs. Florene Best (Maplewood, MN)

Mr. William Bonkowske and family (Little Canada, MN)

Ms. Margaret Bothwell LaFleur (Saint Paul, MN)

Dr. Cheryl Chatman and family (Maplewood, MN)

Ms. Victorine Clarke Hendricks (Saint Paul, MN)

Mrs. Nreka Cooper (Cottage Grove, MN)

Mrs. Stephanie Dilworth and family (Saint Paul, MN)

Mr. Joseph Emiola and family (Rosemount, MN)

Ms. Fayette Farrar Wulf (Maplewood, MN)

Mrs. Gretchen Lauri Fett and family (Inver Grove Heights, MN)

Mrs. Joyce Gillard and family (Saint Paul, MN)

Mr. Dennis Gishwiller (Bloomington, MN)

Mr. James Goins, Jr. (Saint Paul, MN)

Ms. Cindy Gunhus (Kenyon, MN)

Mr. and Mrs. Gary (Mary) Hayes (Eagan, MN)

Mr. John Allen Holmes, Jr. ‘JMost’ (Golden Valley, MN)

Mrs. Kimberly James Maxfield (Woodbury, MN)

Mr. Steven Jasinski (Wells Fargo Matching) and family

Mrs. Cnythia Lorraine Kelly and family (Eden Prairie, MN)

Dr. Valerie Littles-Butler and family (Saint Paul, MN)

Dr. Mary Mackbee (Minneapolis, MN)

Mrs. Margaret Marrinan, Esq. – Retired Judge (Saint Paul, MN)

Ms. Patricia Ann Mattson (Minneapolis, MN)

Mr. Calvin-Allen Mickel Miller (Eagan, MN)

Mrs. Marquetta Ransom and family (Saint Paul, MN)

Mrs. Richardson Hill and family (Eden Prairie, MN)

Ms. Alvena Richburg (Saint Paul, MN)

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph (Dorothy) Richburg (Vadnais Heights, MN)

Mr. Aaron Rupert and family (St. Paul, MN)

Dr. Mary Tanghe and family (Edina, MN)

Mrs. Michele Harris Tanghe and family (Saint Paul, MN)

Dr. Artika Renee Tyner (Saint Paul, MN)

Mrs. Kimberly Lynn Tourdot Walker, Esq. (Minneapolis, MN)

Ms. Janet Werness (Minneapolis, MN)

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey (Jodi) Wieczorek (Eagan, MN)

Dr. Delores Williams Henderson (Mendota Heights, MN)

Mr. Tenbite Yadetie, Scholar ’19 Metro State University (Lakeville, MN)

Ms. Aloida Zaragoza and family (Minneapolis, MN)

dorothy graduation pics

Fifty years ago, the class of 1970 did not have a formal graduation ceremony because of civil unrest* on campus. The official 50th Anniversary Celebration would have been May 2020; however, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, travel and celebrations were interrupted. This milestone was a lifetime achievement and worthy of honoring our Executive Director, Ms. Dorothy, and her class.  They walked across the stage for the first time to receive their Golden Diploma on May 15th. The guest speaker for the event was Dr. John Arthur Peoples Jr. (who was president from 1967 to 1984).

Dr. John Arthur Peoples
Mrs. Mary Galloway Peoples

The Gibbs-Green Memorial Plaza is named in memory of Phillip Lafayette Gibbs, a 21-year-old junior and pre-law student attending JSU; and James Earl Green, a 17-year-old Jim Hill High School senior. They were killed on May 15, 1970 as Jackson police opened fire on a crowd of students at Jackson State University.  Dozens of city and state policemen unloaded more than 460 rounds of gunfire into JSU’s Alexander Hall after claiming to have seen a sniper in a window on the building’s top floor. The shooting was the culmination of years of racial tension between white motorists who traveled through the JSU campus on John R. Lynch Street and JSU students.

Today, the Gibbs-Green Plaza is a popular gathering place for activities and activism where students and the local community hosts various informational events such as voter registration drives and blood drives.  Additionally, it is one of the favorite “Hot Spots” of the student body for leisure time and music.

My Soldier Girl and Joi Marie
Mrs Tori Richardson Hill Celebr

To see more graduation photos, click here and more history of Green-Gibbs here



*Note:  Funds raised in Jackson, Mississippi will assist students attending Jackson State University.

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