Vision: Creating Opportunities for Post-secondary Enrollment for all Youth

Board Members

Mr. Leonard William Makens
Mr. Calvin-Allen Mickel Miller


Ms. Randi Ilyse Roth, Esq.

Professional Consultant

Dr. Cheryl Troutman Chatman

Board of Directors:

Mr.  Joshua Lee Beckey, Chair
Dr. Constance Nelson Martin, Vice Chair
Mrs. Wendy McCubbin Selvestra, Secretary and Media/Marketing
Mrs. Joyce Gillard, Treasurer
Mr. Calvin-Allen Mickel Miller, Assistant Treasurer
Dr. Patricia Elaine Jones Whyte
Mr. Bryan Matthew Newman, Scholarship Chair

CEO/Executive Director:
Ms. Dorothy Jean Barnes-Griswold, M.Ed.

Life/Honorary Participants-Donors:
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard William (Diana) Makens
Mr. Calvin-Allen Mickel Miller

Honorary Participants-Donors:

Mrs. Stephanie Denise Dilworth
Mr. Andrew Vernin McGlory
Mrs. Tori Richardson Hill
Dr. Mary Tanghe and Family
Mr. William Walker, Jr. Esq.
Mrs. Evelyn Wood-Trout and Family

Board Volunteers/Staff:
Mr. Joseph dela Rosa Emiola
Ms. Fayette Farrar-Wulf
Mr. Leon Hill
Mrs. Kimberly James Maxfield
Ms. Carolvenia Richardson
Ms. Abigail (Abby) Roberts
Mr. Oliza Lee Smith
Mr. Novelli Jurado Toledo

Volunteer Students:
Miss Naya Shantel Hill, 2021/Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, New York)
Mr. Tenbite Yadetie, 2019/Metro State University (Saint Paul, Minnesota)
Miss Tajelle Denise Ruth Freeman, Freshman/Saint Mary’s University (Los Angeles, California)
Mr. De`Juan Dupree Simmons, Freshman/Hampton University (Hampton, Virginia)




*Note:  Funds raised in Jackson, Mississippi will assist students attending Jackson State University (JSU).


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Post Office Box 211124
Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55121-0024