Vision: Creating Opportunities for Post-secondary Enrollment for all Youth

Welcome to Minnesota COPE Program

Minnesota COPE Program is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, as detailed in our vision statement, “Creating Opportunities for Post-secondary Enrollment for all Youth.” Our mission is to assist underrepresented scholars in attaining educational opportunities, essential resources, and financial support to achieve their highest academic, personal, and professional career goals.  The organization was incorporated on October 4, 2019.

COPE is a community outreach program designed to promote students’ success and aid them in making a seamless transition to college. We provide resources and academic scholarships to college-bound students attending public or private high schools in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and students attending college. The objective is to offer the scholars programs and activities to prepare them for a successful transition to post-secondary educational programs of their choice. We invite prospective scholars to apply by May 31st of each year.


When students join Minnesota COPE Program, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a 2.0-grade point average (GPA) and above;

  • Complete their application process (for the next year) during winter break or spring break. Applications are due on May 31st of each year;

  • Volunteer 100 hours of community service during their high school years, from ninth through twelfth grades; College students who continue in the program and receive yearly scholarships are required to complete 50 hours of volunteer community service (sophomore through senior years);

  • Attend an orientation/workshop each academic year;

  • Participate in the Annual Scholarship Celebration and Fundraiser/Lawn Party;

  • Write a thank-you letter to the donor(s) who sponsored COPE’s scholarships, awards and gifts; and

  • Participate in COPE’s Health and Wellness workshop each year. A stipend may be awarded for attendance.

Students who are involved in our organization gain valuable opportunities to connect and network with COPE Donors (dedicated supporters of our cause), fellow program participants, and experienced adult mentors.  Furthermore, volunteering within the community fosters the growth of students’ communication and leadership skills.

The COPE Program prepares the next generation of students for success. We are committed to assisting all students who demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and appreciation necessary for our rapidly changing, culturally diverse, and globalized society.

Community Involvement:

Minnesota COPE Program is a member of the Minnesota Council for Nonprofit (MCN).  When we joined MCN, we were immediately connected to a network of more than 2,200 nonprofit organizations; 6,500 nonprofit leaders in Minnesota; and other nonprofit members across the United States.  All members have access to excellent information and resources to include an online library of nonprofit management best practices, tips, and strategies.  Also, members can access materials covering the essentials of launching nonprofit organization, explore diverse funding sources, utilize grant writing tools, learn strategies for organizations to effectively achieve their missions, and much more. 

Moreover, Minnesota COPE Program receives its professional training from Propel Nonprofit formerly known as MAP (Maintenance Assistance Program for nonprofits) in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  One of the most popular training/workshops is called Fundamentals of Nonprofit Board Governance. This training provides an excellent overview of nonprofit boards based on the core roles and responsibilities of board members. The workshop is offered several times a year giving nonprofit board members a strong foundation as to board governance and its operations.

Dr. Cheryl Troutman Chatman is the organization’s professional consultant; she is very instrumental in providing support in areas such as: Board members interviews, fundraising strategies, planning the annual scholarship celebration, highlighting the individual scholars and the scholarship committee, and advising the CEO/Executive Director.  In addition, she has worked with COPE for 21 years; and several of those years as Emcee and Guest Speaker at our annual events.

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Post Office Box 211124
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